4-bed units with basic equipment

Simple units for 4 people with basic equipment. Sanitary facilities are not part of the units (building with toilets and showers is about 50 meters from the units). There are three 4-bed units side by side. It is a very simple type of accommodation, suitable for modest clients.

The units are equipped with beds (mostly bunk beds), bedding, table, chairs, wardrobe and fridge. Parking is directly by the unit.



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of beds and places with electric connection (ATC I., ATC II.)

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Aktuální kapacita kempu

Residential unit price list

Side season

1.4. – 25. 6. / 29. 8. – 31. 10.

Type price/bed/night
4-bed 150 CZK
Main season

26.6. – 28. 8.

Type Price/unit/night
4-bed 750 CZK


In the main season there is 20% extra fee when staying less than 3 nights.
Accommodation fee 20 CZK/night is paid by persons from the age of 18 years upon arrival (according to valid regulation of Pasohlávky municipality). Persons with ZTP/P (severe health disability requiring special care) card do not pay parking and recreational fee. Persons with ZTP (severe health disability) card do not pay parking fees.

Plan of cabin settlement and residential units

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